USB Web Key

Plug the key into a USB port on the computer, and show the preset URL in the web browser instantly; a great tool for marketing and advertising.

  • Perfect for self-promotions, new product introductions, surveys and market research, incentives, recruiting, contests, flash sales presentations, and training
  • No more typing in incorrect URL and no more frustrated end-users trying to access your customer’s site
  • Using any available USB port, the pre-programmed webkey automatically guides a person to your website, online catalog, and flash presentation
  • Unlock the door to instant website traffic full of an endless collection of marketing and promotional tools
  • Low cost and easy to operate, support USB 1.1/2.0/3.0/3.1, just plug and show
  • Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS required, compatible with all types of keyboards, no driver needed

Click the above images to explorer various powerful USB Webkey items, and relevant knowledge base.

There are already many worldwide famous brands that ask us, or through their co-working companies to let us produce such marketing tools and widgets.

Clients can simply post ideas and submit artworks to get these products done and let them perform more successfully for their marketing campaigns.

For new clients, existing guideline articles can help them realize the standards and steps to form the artworks, which be ready for production. Besides, some exist popular templates can bring them easy and fast setup.