Frequently Asked USB Web Key Questions


What is a USB Web Key?
USB Web Key is a key path to website, or internet routing device that drives readers to the internet where they can learn, engage, interact or simply shop.

Can USB Web Key work with Mac?
Yes, USB Web Key works with both PC and Mac, up to Windows 10 & macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Can USB Web Key be mailed through the USPS?
Yes! Since USB Web Key only contains a link to a website it can be mailed at standard mailing and periodical rates. If it contained data/information, it would then be considered the same as a CD or DVD and the ride-along rate would have to be paid. This is a recent USPS ruling that is great news for USB Web Key.

Does the USB Web Key contain content?
The USB Web Key is essentially a routing device. The key contains zero flash memory which provide significant amounts of memory for digital data storage. USB Web Key can be routed to a micro site, landing page, multi-media presentation with video…anywhere you want!
Update: A newer solution is out, which contains 4MB NOR Flash (more steady than general large volume NAND flash). This allows any file formats if the total size fits.

Can you customize USB Web Key?
Yes, the beauty of our product is the infinite range of customize-able print options. Since we can diecut paper from larger materials, there is no limit to size/design configurations. Be as creative as possible!

Do you provide a tracking software with it? How does it work?
You can simply integrate the analytics software codes into the URL, by using UTM parameters. For details, please read this tutorial article.

How long a URL can be burned?
For current solution it allows 192 characters.

How many URL’s can be burned?
Two, but also 192 characters in total. The computer would open one URL and then the other, not two URL’s at the same time.

My URL is longer than this, could you handle it?
Use free URL shortener service like or to get a final URL shorter. It wouldn’t affect loading your original one, especially after adding UTM parameters, the URL exceeds the limit by webkey chips. At,, and others, not only do you get a nice, clean, shortened URL, you also get stats on clicks for all the URLs you shorten.
(Note: Google has 
turned down support for URL shortener, and recommends popular services like Bitly and as an alternative. Read this article in details.)

What about viruses?
Since there is NO memory, there can be no viruses on a USB Web Key.

How often can the content or the micro site change?
As often as required. You control this.

What about price and MOQs?
USB Web Keys are 50%-70% less expensive than USB Flash Drives. Cost depends on variables such as collateral, order quantity, method of shipping, etc. USB Web Key ranges in price from $0.40 – $1.00 each, with minimum order quantity starting at 1,000 pcs.

What about production lead times?
Quantities as 10,000 units or less, we need around 10~14 days to finish, but can reach 20,00 units per each extra day, since the preparing steps are done. And shipment by air is about 3-5 days only, to worldwide.

Are air shipments expensive?
Since USB Web Key are relatively lightweight, the air freight surcharge will range normally in cost $0.02 ~ $0.15 each, depending on quantity, size of piece, and shipping channel used. Most of our shipments go by air, but sea freight is certainly an option, especially for the larger production runs.

How are USB Web Key products packed?
However you want them packed. Generally, each in open poly bag (for protection), then in bundles.

How long have USB Web Key products been on the market?
We launched USB Web Key, firstly in Europe in 2009, then introduced the concept in North America at the beginning of 2010, and now spread to Oceania and Asia.
We welcome you in!