200x 8-LED TV Digital Microscope

TV Microscope 8-LED 200x


– Magnification Ratio: 20X to 200X
– TV interface: AV RCA
– Lens: Dual Axis 27X & 100X microscope lens
– Frame frequency: 60 fps
– Focus Range: Manual focus from 10mm to infinity
– White balance: Auto
– Color saturation: Auto
– Light source: 8 LEDs
– Sensitivity: 2.0V/lux-sec (550nm)
– Power source: 5V DC from the adaptor
– Size: 110mm (L) x 33mm (R)


– 1x TV Microscope
– 1x Stand
– 1x User Manual
– 1x 5V DC Power Adaptor


Ideal for a range of professional uses including:

– Medical observation: medicine observation, hair, skin
– Anti-counterfeit: false label, tiny print, forged money, security identification
– Quality checking: material, design, repair, metal surface, printing
– Electronic checking: SMT, PCB board
– Education research: biological sample, living creature observation, auxiliary reading
– And more…


1. Remove the protective lens cap from the microscope before use.
2. Use the FOCUS WHEEL to adjust focus on the subject.
3. Use the LED Light control wheel to adjust the LED light brightness.


1. This Microscope is non-waterproof, so keep it dry.
2. Do not use it in a humid place like bathrooms. A dry environment will extend its life.
3. Use this Microscope only at -5~50°C (-23~122°F).
4. Suddenly temperature change may form dew inside the Microscope, like entering a warm room in cold winter. Put it inside a handbag or plastic bag to slow temperature changes.
5. Do not let the Microscope lens face the sun or strong light for a long time. Powerful light may hurt the light-sensitive electronics.
6. Avoid touching the lens.
7. The white LEDs which illuminate the Microscope target field are very bright. Do not stare directly into these LEDs because they may damage your eyes.
8. The clear plastic distance shell sometimes picks up dirt or toxic material from a microscopically observed surface. Be careful touching this to the human skin. Wash carefully or disinfect as needed.
9. Do not unplug the Microscope from the RCA port when LEDs are on. This may cause information loss or circuit damage. Please always disconnect the DC 5V first, and then unplug the Microscope.

How to use TV out digital microscope